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HPI Savage X 4.6 SS RTR Blog

HPI Savage X 4.6 SS RTR Blog

Hop Up Your HPI savage x 4.6 ss rtr with aftermarket parts

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October 23, 2010

HPI Savage X 4.6 SS RTR Blog Update

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If you are looking for a good resource for information on how to Hop Up Your HPI savage x 4.6 ss rtr with aftermarket parts, Ashburg.com is the right place! I have spent hundreds of dollars on various parts from various aftermarket manufacturers in search of the most indestructible parts to make your Savage as BulletProof as possible.

Check back frequently and don’t forget to contact me if you have any articles that you want to submit as a guest columnist.

Happy RC Bashing!

October 20, 2010

How to fix a Chrysler Pacifica Shifter Knob Stuck in Park

by @ 1:25 am. Filed under Duratrax Warhead

If your Chrysler Pacifica is stuck in Park and you can’t squeeze the trigger to get it out of park, I’m here to help. It is absolutely rediculous that the dealership wants $73 for this part and it seems to be on backorder (must be a bad design, sounds like they need to do a recall!). I’m going to show you How to fix a Chrysler Pacifica Shifter Knob

First, remove the shifter knob by using a small allen wrench - there is a small allen set screw at the back of the knob. Actually, you’re not removing it, you’re just loosening the screw enough to slide the knob right off of the shaft.
Chrysler Pacifica Shifter Knob
Once you have the transmission shifter knob off, remove the trigger by pulling the trigger right out of there…just tug on the trigger a bit, it is simply resting in a little plastic slot.

Once you get the rubber (not plastic, rubber) trigger piece off of the inner plastic trigger mechanism, you will need to very very carefully pull that inner plastic trigger out, past the leather edge (see pic below, by leather edge I mean right there where the orange thing is that you’re going to add), to where you can work with that white tip that is hitting the leather edge. You will need to slip a shim of sorts over that white tip. See, the problem with the design here that Chrysler left us with is that the piston inside that knob eventually goes up too far into the handle. Once it goes up too far, the trigger piece will no longer slide in to make the piston go down, rather, it will hit flat metal. What you are doing is shimming that trigger to make it hold the piston down to where it will not slide too high.
Wont Come Out of Park
Now that you have the white plastic trigger dangling outbound and you have easy access to that tip that you just got past the leather edge, you will need to slide a tightly fitting shim over it. I found that using a rubber cap worked really well…just cut a small piece of a cap like this off, slip it over the trigger tip, then CAREFULLY work the trigger tip with shim on back into the housing.
Do us all a favor and send this, facebook this, tweet this and blog this to as many people as you can - tell them to visit www.ashburg.com and stop paying the stealership the rediculously high prices for simple fixes!

July 31, 2009

How to open a Yamaha Zuma 50cc Scooter Seat Trunk Compartment

by @ 1:19 am. Filed under Yamaha Zuma

So I got my new Zuma to my garage from the dealer and for the life of me I could not figure out how to open a Yamaha Zuma 50cc Scooter Seat Trunk Compartment. The seat or trunk compartment on the 2009 Zuma 50cc is the only access point for the fuel (which was getting low!) and the oil filler caps. Whats more, the Yamaha Zuma instruction manual was IN the seat compartment - in the very trunk that I could not open!

I looked all over the internet for the information…any information on how to open the seat. I found a few great resources, but nothing specifically about how to open the trunk.

After banging on the seat with my hand while turning the key, pushing the key, turning the key on and off, etc etc, I decided to just take the scooter back to the dealer the next morning to, in my mind, “fix” a broken switch or something.

I digress…before I decided to throw in the towel, I called the dealership and spoke to the fella who sold me the moped. He said “turn the key to the left” to which I replied “I did!”.

So anyway, being a mechanically minded person, I was insulted with my own lack of knowledge on this matter and frustrated that there were no GOOD explanations online as to how to open the Zuma Trunk! SO (drumroll) for your amusement, here’s how to do it:

Step 1 - Put the key in the ignition
Step 2 - Turn the key to the left (that’s counter clockwise)
Note 2 - Turning the key to the left, your instinct tells you that you’re going to break the key off in the lock - not so…

Thats It!

I answer my email - if you have any questions or want to join my little Zuma Club of online buddies, email me (find the contact me area of this blog)

See ya!

April 1, 2008

This Website is Seeking Editors!

by @ 1:01 pm. Filed under Duratrax Warhead, Nitro Engine Tips, Gear Ratio Tips, RC Events in South Carolina, HPI Savage X, Traxxas Revo 3.3 Links:, HPI HellFire, Ofna Jammin X1 CRT RTR, Sportwerks, Ofna

Ashburg.com! is currently seeking articles and editors from RC Enthusiasts around the world!!! This could be you!!

If you are an RC Enthusiast and you want to submit an article with your tips and tricks related to the Radio Controlled Hobby, please send an email to lawrenb@hotmail.com with the title of your article, pictures, and a 3-5 paragraph article.

Your write ups will be posted right here for the world to see! Ashburg.com! Gets over 5,000 hits from individual enthusiasts per month! That could mean some huge exposure for you or your company.

Attention aftermarket part developers, marketers, and enthusiasts - submit your articles or advertising - FREE!

For details, email lawrenb@hotmail.com

Happy Racing!

December 4, 2007

ALFFA164’s Super Hopped Up Duratrax Warhead

by @ 2:59 am. Filed under Duratrax Warhead

I saw this thing on rcuniverse and HAD to do a post about it. This is the most bling’ed out Duratrax Warhead EVO I’ve seen yet. Hats off, good work ALFFA….now go get ‘er dirty :)

Duratrax Warhead Hopped Up Ups
Duratrax Warhead Aluminum Parts
Duratrax Warhead Aftermarket Parts

November 16, 2007

The Savage X SS RTR

by @ 6:53 am. Filed under Duratrax Warhead, Nitro Engine Tips, Gear Ratio Tips, RC Events in South Carolina, HPI Savage X, Traxxas Revo 3.3 Links:, HPI HellFire, Ofna Jammin X1 CRT RTR, Sportwerks, Ofna

Well, the Savage X hasnt been cranked in a while! I’m addicted to Halo 3 LOL. Anybody know any Halo 3 Tips and Tricks?

Halo 3

November 9, 2007

Check out rcBasher.com!

by @ 10:17 pm. Filed under Duratrax Warhead, Nitro Engine Tips, Gear Ratio Tips, RC Events in South Carolina, HPI Savage X, Traxxas Revo 3.3 Links:, HPI HellFire, Ofna Jammin X1 CRT RTR, Sportwerks, Ofna

I wanted to let everyone know about a new site that is up and running as of now - rcBasher.com

If you are surfing the net for some of the best information in the RC World, rcBasher.com is sure to satisfy your thirst for knowledge in everything that is RC Bashing!

Congratulations, doesgo, for the launch of this awesome new website!

Enjoy the ride…

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